The former site of a teddy bear factory, later developed into a garage/workshop Pennington Phillips transformed the site into a small well proportion two bedroom slot house.

The level of structural defect was not apparent to the client when they purchased this old factory style building but on detailed inspection it was clear that major structural works were required. Research uncovered details of significant bomb damage to the street which destroyed the majority of the adjoining Victorian terrace.


The building was fully underpinned requiring Party Wall Awards to all three neighbouring sides. A schedule of structural stitching was carried out to repair the significant cracking to the existing and later built masonry walls. The building then received a new floor, roof and external wall finishings.


Internally the walls and floors were removed and a new layout was developed to meet the clients requirements providing open plan living to the ground floor with two bedrooms and shower room to the first. Electric rooflights brought light and ventilation into the space with the first floor stepped back to the rear bedroom/study to bring light into the dark ground floor living space.