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Our story

Pennington Phillips was founded in 1995 by chartered building surveyor Stanley Phillips, who provided surveys and architectural services to residential clients across North, West and Central London.

In 2005, Stanley was joined by co-director, Matthew Brumby, who helped to expand the company’s portfolio of architectural and design services.

Pennington Phillips has since recruited a number of additional in-house professionals, who work alongside a strong network of specialists, consultants and trade contacts to deliver a complete package of residential architecture services.

Our management team

Matthew Brumby


Matthew is the architectural design director at Pennington Phillips. He has extensive experience in developing and delivering conceptual design, space planning, architectural detailing, client presentations, project coordination, the tender process and onsite contract administration.


He is responsible for the architecture and design side of the business and takes a hands-on, practical approach to his day-to-day work.

Stanley Phillips


Stanley is a chartered building surveyor with more than 35 years’ experience of working in the residential industry.


During that time, he has personally surveyed thousands of properties and comes from a long line of surveyors on both sides of his family.


As a qualified member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Stanley follows a stringent code of conduct and continually updates his skills and knowledge throughout his career.

Our values

Rear View Of An Extension Rendered Drawing

Through our experience as go-between in the relationship between the contractor, client and their neighbours, we believe interpersonal skills are essential to the delivery of all types of residential architecture projects.

Clients deserve a personal service.

They shouldn’t have to speak to someone different each time they call. They need someone who understands their requirements and has a clear insight into every stage of their project – something that larger architecture companies cannot always deliver.

In addition, we take pride in ensuring our production information drawings are highly detailed and well presented.

That way, from the outset, you’ll have a clear vision as to what we’ll be setting out to achieve. And, likewise, the contractor has a clear understanding of what’s required to realise that vision.

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